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My Retirement Income Philosophy

Some of the basic facts that we look at when it comes to retirement income planning:

Do you have enough essential income to cover the following, Housing, Food, Healthcare, and Transportation? Covering these basics usually comes from Pensions and Social Security. If there is a shortage converting some of your cash to purchase an annuity for guaranteed income is typically recommended. If, however, you have enough coming from your Pensions and Social Security to cover these basics, then we would not suggest the purchase of an Annuity.

We look at building a portfolio for growth and income to help with long-term needs that may arise: It is important to have an adequate amount of liquidity because you never know when you may need cash for things such as a new roof on the house, a remodeling project or replacing a car.

The investments that we will consider may come from Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded funds ETF's, Tax-Free Municipal Bonds, to Real Estate Investment Trusts. I work with a team of professionals to help design a customized plan for each client.