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April 9th, 2024

We are introducing Kevin Dorman, District Manager of Cololina Life in El Paso, Texas. In this interview, we see Kevin's passion for helping employees get affordable insurance, such as term life, disability, and other benefits, that they may take when they retire or leave their employer. Employers find that having benefits for their employees helps retain employees who help make their business thrive. As an independent advisor, I have joined Kevin's team because of the potential benefits we may offer. Please watch to learn more. 

April 2nd 2024

We are introducing Eric Alvarez, President of HAVC Expert HVAC & Refrigeration, founded in 1981. In our interview, Eric shares valuable information on having our Air conditioners ready for the hot summers, how to ensure your unit has a warranty to get coverage when needed, and when it is time to replace that unit. By watching the video, you will learn more!

Website Phone 915-598-1732

March 26th 2024

Meet AnneMichèle Mallory, owner of AnneMichèle Mallory Photography. She specializes in both commercial and consumer photography. AnneMichèle is happy to help you celebrate your business, as well as the important milestones in your life. We discuss her journey in photography and what she loves most about being a photographer. To learn more and see examples of her work, watch the video below.

March 12th 2024

Meet Humberto Alcazar, owner of Advantage Insurance. He specializes in health care for individuals and families and has all available companies for Obama Care and Medicare Supplements, which enables him to offer you the most choices. To learn more, click the play button!

March 5th 2024

Meet Brent Rosen, a CPA who does more than file a return. His ability to explain complex tax issues and how best to prepare for your situation each year is of great value. Also, with the ability to meet you online, Brent may work with you anywhere you live.

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February 27th 2024

We are featuring Jay Hernandez, owner of the Glass Shop, and how installing windows in people's homes helped him transition into becoming a Real Estate agent as well!

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February 20 2024- Spotlight on Wilson Mendez

In our first spotlight on business, I interviewed Wilson Mendez, who owns Commercial Print Solutions. However, our discussion is about his work as a mortgage lender. He helps people get their mortgage approved as first-time buyers and also for those seeking to buy their first dream home. Learn more by watching the short video.


A little over a year ago, I joined a business group whose primary focus is helping our friends and clients with their needs. I'll tell you what they do and how they may benefit you. If you are interested in any of these professionals, you may call, reply to, or email me.

Eric Alvarez owns HVAC Refrigeration. Does heating and refrigeration give people choices of what type of refrigerated unit they may want? They offer a monthly service plan of $20.00 to help ensure your unit works properly.

Alex Ramirez is part owner of Smith & Ramirez Roofing. They did my roof, which has a 25-year warranty. I was impressed that this warranty will cover up to 135 miles due to wind damage.

Brent Rosen, a CPA, owns Impact Consulting. He is not only very knowledgeable but also a very caring individual.

Anne Michelle Mallory is a professional photographer. Weddings, Quinceaneras.

Humberto Alcazar- Ownes Advantage Insurance. Humberto has helped many of my clients with their Medicare and health needs.

Luis Avalos ROI remodeling- I was very impressed by some of his work.

Linda Leach's model is "We bring the floor to your door! " From hard floors to carpet, she does it all with passion.

Wilson Mendez Owns Commercial Printing- All printing needs to include signs. He also joined Old West, helping people buy their first home and also their dream home!

Katia Rodriguez, With ADP, all your payroll needs!

Kevin Dorman- Distract manager Colonial Life- Benefit plans for employees.

Niclas Garcia- Water Systems, Clean water for your business or home.

Pete Moody, CFO of YMCA's- Non-profit helping our children and families for health.